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We provide solutions to gain valuable insight of unstructured external big data by leveraging our partnership with the world's largest Social Intelligence company.

Research without limitation, stay on top of conversations within your community, and advertise to people looking for what you're selling, in order to navigate your business through an ever-changing competitive business landscape.



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Ad-hoc. Research. No limits


As a strategic planning exercise, It is important for every company to map their brand values or to have a tool that is able to help them in evaluating the effectiveness of their strategies and/or marketing campaign in creating conversations and engaging with their specific target audience, benchmarking them against their competitors, or even to see the online resonance of their offline activities.

MAP offers this ability. It is the most comprehensive and cost effective solution for companies who want to enhance their perspective over billions of conversations across online and traditional media.

It allows companies to understand how their brand(s), product(s) or marketing campaigns are perceived by the market and their competitors either globally, in specific regions, or in countries of their choice in 186 languages.


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Heartbeat is a Social Media listening, management, engagement and publishing tool, that helps identify and track mentions of specific queries you put into the system over time with the ability to respond to them where and when they become available across all online and traditional media (for lead generations, customer service, competitor analysis, engagement and publishing).

It is a one stop service platform that enables you to manage your social media handles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, linkedin, Google Plus and your website's Google analytics), and to post-schedule content from your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus handles on different time zones. It also allows you to see the Twitter analytics / statistics of people that mention you, compare yourself against competitors, view sentiments, as well as geographical spread and much more.


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Sysomos Heartbeat

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